Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sudi Narayan's Spiritoon - Freedom !!

With Freedom Comes Responsibility - Osho
"When I say to you that you are free, I mean that you are responsible. You cannot throw responsibility on anybody else, you are alone. And whatsoever you do, it is your doing. You cannot say that somebody else forced you to do it -- because you are free; nobody can force you! Because you are free, it is your decision to do something or not to do something.
With freedom comes responsibility. Freedom is responsibility. But the mind is very cunning, the mind interprets in its own way: it always goes on listening to that which it wants to listen to. It goes on interpreting things in its own way. The mind never tries to understand what really is the truth. It has taken that decision already.
So when I say ’freedom’, I mean be responsible. The more responsible you become, the more free you become; or, the more free you become, the more responsibility comes on you. Then you have to be very alert to what you are doing, what you are saying. Even about your small unconscious gestures you have to be very alert -- because there is nobody else to control you, it is only you. When I say to you that you are free, I mean that you are a God. It is not licence, it is tremendous discipline! "
Spiritoons are created with immense Love and with inspirations from My Beloved Master Osho and reflects his Vision for a New Way of Living based in "Awareness" and the "Here & Now"


gourang hoskote said...

Sudi, your art is beautiful, what about your HEART??

Kishor asked me to contribute, so here it is!!

A mistake that Osho's devotees did, they relaxed without focusing. In fact Osho himself did not speak about focusing, not that He did not speak, the devotees never understood EVEN IF HE SPOKE. He spoke about it, but they did not understand. Anyway the point is not them, it is you. You don't
commit the same mistake.

Sacrifice, the subject not the object
What is meant by object? Anything that is tangible, that can be seen. Not only through the physical eyes, but also by the mind eye or anything that can be visualised, needs not be sacrificed. What has to be sacrificed is the subject, the ‘my’ that is the cause of attachment to an object has to be sacrificed. The object needs not to be sacrificed, you can keep them, JUST DON'T INDULGE IN THEM, THAT IS ALL.

‘My’ makes the difference
Are you bothered of the thoughts, desires, actions, that seemingly belong to even your spouse, child or any dear one? No, you are not even bothered. It is only when there is a ‘my’ attached to it that you begin to bother. So many people die everyday, does it matter to you? But, even if your child sneezes once, you begin to worry. Thus the root of every action is this ’my’.

‘I want peace’
‘I’ is the ego, ‘want’ is the desire, when the subject and the cause disappear, one will get peace. That is our true nature. We are not this body ‘I’, we are not this mind ‘want’. When both are taken out, one gets peace. In fact when ‘I’ disappears you get peace, because ‘want’ also disappears. It has no meaning without the ‘I’.
You say; ‘In today's world 'peace' - both on individual and worldly level - appears to be…’
Frankly, only when individual peace exists, the worldly peace exists. How can you affect the worldly peace? There is no way you can affect it, only if you are peaceful you will see the entire world peaceful. If you are confused and irritated, you can or will see the world in the same way. Swamiji said ‘Gourang, the world is so sad, make it happy.’ I thought, how can I make the world happy? I am not able to even influence my own people. The crux is that if I am happy, the whole world is happy! If I am sad the whole world is sad.

That is why it is said
‘Na Karmana na prajaya dhanena, tyagenaike amrtatwamanashu’ Neither by action, nor by progeny, nor by wealth, but by renunciation alone is Immortality attained. Renunciation of what? Renunciation of the wrong identity.Sacrifice, the subject not the object What is meant by object? Anything that is tangible, that can be seen. Not only through the physical eyes, but also by the mind eye or anything that can be visualized, needs not be sacrificed. What has to be sacrificed is the subject, the ‘my’ that is the cause of attachment to an object has to be sacrificed. The object needs not to be sacrificed.

How can anyone sacrifice the prime-minister-ship, you don’t own it in the first place, how can you sacrifice it. How is it if i say “I sacrifice the dustbin”, how can i sacrifice the dustbin when i do not own it? All questions arise later, if you own it!!! That is why the vedas say "do not acquire other's wealth""ma gridham". Do not acquire it, because, it is anyway not there, it appears to be there and it appears to be the wealth, it is not. The only wealth is "I", because if it is there, then you exist, else you don't. After death you cannot say "my wealth", the wealth is there but it is not yours. you do not exist as an "I", so the "I" or the self is the real wealth and the ONLY wealth. Enjoy everything in life, life is there for you to enjoy, but do not be attached to it. How? I am reminded of a beautiful bhajan …..
Jis gaon me, Jis desh me, Jis vesh me raho
(Stay wherever, be whatever (it is only a vesha or mask))
Daata Raman, Daata Raman, Daata Raman kaho,
(Say and believe it is the gift of Raman)

Just like a maid in our house, She says my anand, my sunny, but she knows that anand and sunny are not hers. Enjoy life without hurting anyone and do not be attached to it. It is difficult at first, but it is achievable. Slowly thru practice one can achieve it. Even if you say “Mine” it is not wrong. Don’t get attached to it.

Be silent!!!
Only when you are silent (not only physically, but mentally also), you can hear the inner voice. That will guide you to the correct sacrifice. An irritated and confused mind cannot guide you; it will guide you in all wrong places. In the depths of the ocean of devotion, the higher mind (heart) will guide you to the correct goal. So be silent and focused, and everything will happen by itself.

Sacrifice, the subject not the object, ‘My’ makes the difference, ‘I want peace’ remove "I" and "want" you get peace, The crux is that if I am happy, the whole world appears happy! If I am sad the whole world appears sad, What has to be sacrificed is the subject, the ‘my’ that is the cause of attachment to an object and has to be sacrificed. The object needs not to be sacrificed, The only effort initially is to be silent, and focused, and everything will happen by itself. Follow the Guru, He will lead you!!!

Remember, Only the one who has sacrificed, knows it himself, nobody should and can judge anyone else. Divinity has given everything and more, don't waste this opportunity. Precious opportunity.

Don't focus on anything other than this.

Sudi Narayan said...

Thanks for the comment.

I guess my HEART is beautiful too! Just kidding!!

Infact, I don't know. One thing I know is my art and humorous drawings on this blog comes from my Heart. You need to answer your question then..

I am on the opinion that No GURU can give you any answer to your question whatever great scripture he reffers to. A real Guru will rather help you to realize there is no real Question in the first place.

All questions are Mind products. It comes out of all the knowledge we gathered. The real 'self' doesn't have any question, because we all are part of GOD, and he doesn't have any idea of the so called Q&A game.

Osho helped me to un-learn my stored knowledge & ideas and made me capable of facing the Life As It Is. Osho also sent me great pointers to Jesus, Buddha, patanjali & Krishna.

We will need to use Great Masters and Teachings as Yachts, you will need to throw them and feel greatful once you are ashore. Because, ultimately, it is You who will be the Interpreter.

For me, life is a short journey. There is absolutely no need (read Time) for arguments/judgements.

This is what I understood from great teachings, Only One thing Man can do to help himself - to be Aware - and know what is happening in(Mind) and out(Material World) firsthand. The questions will then slowly dissappear once you know the real source of them which is the Mind.

"You are your world, When You Change, The World Changes." http://spiritoons.blogspot.com/2007/05/sudi-narayans-spiritoons-when-you.html

Thanks again for the comment.

gourang hoskote said...

It is a pleasure knowing you. That our “passion” is the same, compliments it (Kishor and myself call it “passion”!!!). There is a little of everything, agreement, disagreement ..... what a drama (natak)!!!

YES, your heart is truly beautiful! Not kidding!! But know that art is from the MIND (creativity) and Heart is just pure, HEART. This is my answer to the question.

i am, my real Guru, others have only helped me. There is no difference betw me and my Guru.

No, not only from the MIND and the knowledge we gathered, it also “comes”, “occurs” from nowhere. Once one gets the focus this happens automatically.

The real 'self' DOES have a (single) question, but, it stops there, it does not look for any answers, in fact never looks for answers.

You said “For me, ……….judgements.”

Actually, life is a VERY VERY Long journey (across so many lives and zillions of births),
but you can make a short end to it (by not remembering it, Past it passed, Future is uncertain, Be in the present, it is not only present, it is omni-present).

You said “This is what ……………. firsthand.”

Absolutely wrong!!!
Life is paradox, “to do” is actually “not to do”. Pardon me, but that is where the devotees never understood Osho.

Being aware is NOT being aware of the mind and the actions. To be aware, is to be aware of “your Divinity” and to be aware that Divinity which pervades everything that you see or think of. Then only you can be with Divinity all 24 hours!!! Then ONLY can you be Divine else you will always be in the mind and the actions.
All your actions become worship, because it is an offering to the Divine.

This is the crux.

You cannot think of God, but you can BE God

You said “The questions ……………. the Mind.”
Questions will NEVER disappear,
Answers need to disappear, or looking for them needs to disappear. When the answers disappear, the mind will become a “No mind”.

When you are alone, everything happens.

"You are your world, When You Change, The World Changes."
Absolutely true. It's the change of attitude. Mind becomes "no mind" and the world changes

Love and regards

Sudi Narayan said...

Thanks again for your beautiful comments.

I sincerely think this sort of discussion is better suited for other discussion forums(particularly your views on Osho's devotees). I do not want to set stage for 'serious' discussions. The Aim of this blog is just the opposite!!

I do not have any issues sharing opinions whether it is negative or positive towards a particular thing.

After all, it is a Leela we all play!

However, I do think you haven't browsed though my art pages and my thoughts and background on the kind of art (subjective(Mind art) vs objective (meditative) art ) better researched/described by Gurdjieff.

Most of what you said (better than me) are the topics of my drawings.

Do visit the Blog weekly (in fact twice weekly) and let us continue this good talk through email.


Peter, Bay Area,CA said...

Hello Sudi, Nice Cartoons. saw your info from VIHA. Do post more. I and family are enjoying.

I do not want to de-rail the main topic of this blog which is more of celebration. But I do have a question for Mr Gourang. When you say Osho devotees, are you reffering to any particular group of individuals? If you are referring to Osho Lovers and his sannysins in general all over the world, you are making a blind judgement. How could you possibly make a colclusion about others that they didn't understand Osho unless the others include you also? Enen so, I won't simply label them Osho devotees which is a much universal category.. Of course there are several people who didn't understand Osho and it is simply their problem.
Osho clearly distinguished focusing/concentration, contemplation and meditation. Refer to Zen Manifesto,What is Meditation?


gourang said...

• I agree to disagree. Why are you taking it so seriously, IT COULD BE NON-SERIOUS. ;-)

• True this forum is for celebration and it IS non-serious. But this is all that I can contribute “to you”.

• I learnt it from Osho, keep pinching and pricking and drive that person from comfort and cozy-ness, until the person understands that, the one who gets the prick and pinch is not him.

• “To celebrate” is an action, “to be serious or not to be serious” is the intention. Action does not matter always, but Intention does matter.

• As long as we “expect” the next meal, I suppose and I am sure, we are and should be serious (not sad but serious).

• Those, who do not “expect” only can be non-serious. (Osho was one amongst them)

• In a game of cricket, when the bowler is bowling and the batsman is ready for the ball, the person standing in the slips, can’t dance and be merry, he has to be expectant, serious (not sad). After the ball has been bowled, he can be more light-hearted, but only until the next one. And then after the game, we can all say “After all, it is a Leela we all play!” (Not until then ;-) )

• One can only be happy, non-serious, merry etc ONLY ONLY ONLY if he knows his true identity. Everything else is an eye-wash in the name of happiness. It is never continuous, never natural happiness. Only tooth paste ads with no real happiness, like Kalia laughing in the movie "Sholay".

• Osho is just a name, it could be replaced by any other name of any other Guru. (Anyway this was something that I mentioned for Sudi, and he is absolutely correct if he has to remove my comments from this forum, as it MAY not be the right place)

• My LOVE and reverence for Osho is phenomenal, in fact there never was and their will be never like Him. He was so contradictory, which was very very good because that is how life is, a paradox. I told a person “If the Guru is contradictory, He is the best there is and was”. You should have seen his face, stunned and appalled. That person could not understand me, I hope you do.

• Sudi & Peter – a very Happy Independence Day, but become REALLY independent, then you can be non-serious and REALLY happy!!! A skin of the banana is required to keep the pulp safe, but later it can be thrown away. We don’t eat the skin too. The same way take what is good (if it is good) and relevant and throw away the rest. And if they are already the “TOPIC” then you don’t need this.

Be Happy (by making others around you happy) and take care and may I request you SIR, to please let me know your email id so that I can put up things more safely, more edible-y!!!


Love and always with you!!!

Sanjay M said...

Mostly enjoyed reading these comments.

Reading Gourang's comments I somewhere lose track of what Gaurang thoughts and opinions based on Gaurang's own experience as they seem to contain too much of "Osho said" - is that to add more credibility to his statements that ok maybe I doubt Gaurang but since Osho has said it it has to be right!!

>> I learnt it from Osho, keep pinching and pricking and drive that person from comfort and cozy-ness, until the person understands that, the one who gets the prick and pinch is not him.

This makes nice sense when one is the pincher and pricker, but not when one is in at the receiving end :)) It would create a really restless world, and I think this is probably what plenty of people are doing already. I can hardly believe Osho taught that, and even if he did, it must've been to some specific person in some specific context, cannot be a general thing. For it to really work, the pincher and pricker must have one's his heart established in absolute peace, else the roles are bound to become reversed, resulting in an infinite loop!! :))

I did understand the point, relating it to Socrates' words...

"I am that gadfly which God has attached to the state, and all day long and in all places am always fastening upon you, arousing and persuading and reproaching you."

Osho is one of the precious diamonds of humanity, so colorful and brilliant, illuminating the way for all of us! Let us be a devotee of not the diamond alone but the light it is reflecting...

Best wishes for all of us to rediscover and establish that diamond within ourselves!

Lots of love, Sanjay (just a common man, not a man established in eternal peace yet ;) )

PS: The cartoons here definitely are from the heart, I've really enjoyed them a lot, and have taken the liberty of blogrolling it - thank you Sudi!

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