Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sudi Narayan's Spiritoon - Got Flu??

Happy 2008 - Are you the Man on the Beach ??

"A camel keeper once came across a man walking across the Sahara Desert, wearing only a bathing costume.
”How far is it to the sea?” asked the man.
”About five hundred miles to the north,” said the camel keeper.
”Bugger me,” said the man, ”I will have to stay on the beach!”

If you go on living inside your mind you will have to live on the beach, you will never reach to the ocean. It is not five hundred miles, not even five – it does not even exist, it is a mirage!.

You can either go on projecting your fantasies, dreams, expectations on life and remain fast asleep OR see the very point and be awake. If you are awake, you have the quality of a Buddha,Jesus,Krishna or Mohammed.

Then things will be different, totally different. And there will not be any need to find anything special, to find any meaning. In the small things of life there is meaning, there is great significance. Each pebble on the seashore becomes a diamond. Then there are sermons in every stone and songs hidden in every rock and scriptures everywhere, because the world is full of God, overflowing with godliness. Yes, for the first time, you will know what life is and how beautiful it is and how blissful it is and what a benediction and a gift of God it is." ~OSHO

May 2008 bring more awareness into your life...creating an opportunity for your own awakening!!

Love to you all... Happy 2008!!!

Maya, Nimmi & Sudi Narayan

& Art of Sudi Team.
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