Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sudi Narayan's Spiritoon - Meditation is a Mirror

"Meditation is a mirror –
and the most faithful one.
Whoever goes into meditation
risks a confrontation with himself:
The mirror of meditation never lies,
and it does not flatter.
It is impartial and innocent
and it never projects anything.
It only faithfully shows your real original face,
the face we never show to the world,
the face that we ourselves have forgotten.
So it is possible
that you yourself
may not be able to recognize it the first time!
But do not escape from it.
Face it and you will come to know it and recognize it.
This confrontation is the first test of courage on
the inner way.
So when it comes to happen –
rejoice and feel blessed"

~OSHO, A Cup of Tea - Letters written from 1962 - 1971.

Spiritoons are created with love and inspirations from my Beloved master Osho and reflects his vision for a new way of living based in 'Awareness' and the 'Here & Now' (Art of Sudi - An Incredible Spiritual Journey!)

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