Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Florida Killer Whale - A Killer? - Cartoon on LOVE and FREEDOM

I was reading this sad news from Florida where a trainer was accidentally killed by a whale (Killer whale?) at Sea World resort. While the story is sad and I feel so sorry for the trainer and her family, I also think (and feel sad) of the poor animal that was some how forced to became an entertainer in front of human beings.

The spiritoons below were done last year for a book published in Kerala (Southern Indian State) that illustrate interactions between elephants and human beings. Though I enjoy being around domestic elephants and participate in festivals where ornamented elephants were used extensively, I often feel sorry for these giant animals and wonder how much of their wild instincts have suppressed deep down into their unconscious.

Like the whale story from Florida, elephants attacking (and killing) their keepers is so common in Kerala. You can view some videos here

Here are some words from my beloved master and mystic OSHO who's view on LOVE and FREEDOM is so profound and often comes as a cool breeze to humanity indulged in violence (against fellow humans, animals), sex, false love, power politics, bogus religions, gods etc etc.

Love gives freedom. Love that doesn't give freedom, is not love.

"Love is not thirst for power. How can you dominate someone you love? How can you make him dependent and still be loving? But what happens in the world in the name of love is something else: the lust for power, wanting to control others. Of course independence is inadmissible then. You do everything to make the other identical to yourself. You are afraid of the other person's freedom, because freedom escapes control and freedom is unpredictable. So all so-called love tries to kill freedom in any way it can - and as soon as freedom is destroyed, love dies.
Love is very fragile, like a rose. You have to allow her to dance in the rain, in the wind, in the sun.

.... Love is like a bird in the sky, and its freedom occupies all of the sky. You can catch the bird, you can put it in a magnificent gilded cage, and it only appears to be the same bird that flew free and had the sky to itself. It just appears to be, but it's not: you have killed it. You have clipped its wings. You have taken its sky from it. And birds do not care for your gold - no matter how precious your cage is, it is still a prison."

Keeping an animal dependent is wrong

"Dependency is a form of lack of freedom that some people impose on pets and circus animals in exchange for affection and for doing tricks. These animals depend on man for their food. If an animal were free and able to find its own food, hardly a single animal would spontaneously show affection to people. Showing affection in exchange for food has been forced on animals. Animals (like people) have the right to be safeguarded from this. When people (children and adults) are looking for affection, it is better and more honest to find it in other people. Finding affection from animals is particularly wrong in the case of pets that have to be locked up. This of course doesn't include dogs and cats, which have had centuries to get used to people. It is mainly the animals that belong in the open that we should leave in peace. "

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