Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sudi Narayan's Spiritoon - Nothing Hidden in Existence!

Existence is so open.. Only You are Closed

"People deceive themselves in millions of ways. They waste their time in millions of ways. Hoping some how then can enter the temple through some back door. There exists none. There is no back door to the temple.. only the front door. You may find many backdoors. But they will never lead you to the inner shrine.

Back doors don’t exist in existence. Because existence doesn’t believe in hiding… Look… everything is so open.. The secret is so open.. Nothing is hidden.. everything is open. Only you need eyes to see it, Awareness to read it and ability to enjoy it. Everywhere everything is open secret. Nothing whatsoever is hidden from the very beginning.

Existence is open.. only you are closed.

The whole universe is written everywhere. In each blade of grass you can find the signature of the divine. And if you can understand a blade of grass, you understood it all.. root and all.

In each part the total is contained, the whole is contained.Anywhere you move.. you move into the whole. But it will depend on your understanding. How you will read it. Life is really short. And much has to be done. So, don’t fool around."

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