Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sudi narayan's Spiritoon - Open your eyes and See!!

"Even in fast asleep you are sleeping in Truth .Unconscious, you are in Truth; conscious, you are in Truth. So the curtain is not on Truth itself, it is on your eyes... as if you are standing before the sun with closed eyes. The curtain is not on the sun, it is just that your eyelids are functioning as a barrier. Open the eyes and the sun has always been there, just waiting for you."

"it is a question of becoming aware. It is not a question of searching; it is a question of transforming your being. Bliss is not there somewhere waiting for you to discover it; it is already here: all that you need are the eyes to see it. Those eyes are the eyes of awareness. And all meditations are devices to create awareness in you, to shake you, to shock you, so that your sleep can be broken."

- A Rose is a Rose is a Rose Chapter 24, -Osho , 1976
- Turn On, Turn In and Drop the Lot, Chapter 7 - Osho 1978

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