Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sudi Narayan's Spiritoon - Life - A Gift !!

"Life is something everyone should try atleast once!" - Henry J Tillman
Osho Said ...
"People who have become addicted with idealism live a life of ritual, of empty gestures. They are always waiting: some great thing is going to happen. It never happens of course, because it cannot happen that way.It is happening right now, here, and their eyes are fixed somewhere there, far away. It is happening at close quarters. It is already happening near your heart. Where your heart is beating, it is already happening. And they are looking at the sky.So they make a life of routine, dead routine. They move like dead corpses – waiting and waiting and waiting. And every day they know death is coming near: they become more and more desperate.Their whole life will turn into a mechanical routine.
Really if you want to live, you have to be spontaneous. Life is spontaneous. Be available to this moment. Allow this moment to lead you. Don’t plan for it. Otherwise you will live in empty gestures, obsessed with a dead routine, just thinking as if’... if you plan your life completely, some day or other the great happening is going to result.You think life is a result?
Life is not a result; it is already there. It is a grace. Nothing is to be done toattain to it. What have you done to be born? What have you done so that you can breathe? What have you done so that you can be conscious? What have you done so that you can fall in love? It has happened. It is a sheer grace, a gift.Yes, let me tell you – life is a gift."
- Osho - Nirvana - The Last Nightmare.
Spiritoons are created with immense Love and with inspirations from My Beloved Master Osho and reflect his Vision for a New Way of Living based in "Awareness" and the "Here & Now"

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