Monday, October 1, 2007

Sudi Narayan's Spiritoon - If I weren't into Meditation..

"Life has to be transformed into a continuous meditation. Meditation is not a question of something one does for one hour every day, and then for twenty-three hours one can remain unaware, No. That won’t help, and that one hour will be false, pseudo; it cannot win against twenty-three hours of
mechanicalness. One has to spread meditation all over one’s life. Walking, eating, talking, listening, in whatsoever you are doing, be there in tremendous attentiveness, as if that’s all, as if life and death depend on it, as if there is no other moment, as if the next moment is not going to come.
Then the whole energy pulsates in the present moment. That pulsation is subodha, and that’s what brings one to reality, to that which is. And it is the only thing that can give bliss, joy, what Jesus calls the kingdom of god."

- Osho, Don't Look before you leap [1978], Chapter 28

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